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3 Tips to Applying Your New Mindset

There are plenty of resources on how to change your mind, and then there is the other side of actually applying what was learned. Too often, many are consumers of information and are least likely to employ what was gained. Applying a new mindset takes more than simply knowing something new; it’s functioning in what is new.

Here are three keys to support you along the journey:

Intentionality. Once you put that book down or finish watching that how-to video, be intentional about operating in the new information received. For example, after watching a clip on how-to stitch a dress the aspiring designer will then go to their design studio and try out the new style while sewing. They may even watch the video again while they stitch. The point is that one must be intentional about walking out the new tools they just gained in order to implement change. The same is true about personal development. If you are reading a book about how to be joyful, the next step would be to practice gratitude – intentionally.

Self-Awareness. A huge part of employing a new mindset is knowing yourself; more specifically being conscious of how you think. The same awareness that led you to even seek out renewing your mind is the same awareness that’s needed to behave as your new self. Healthy self-awareness is knowing how you function and ultimately what works well for your optimal state of well-being. So, if you know that social settings challenge you (but you also desire to overcome being anxious) mentally prepare in advance for that upcoming gathering. Don’t choose to avoid it. Show up knowing that it may be a bit uncomfortable at first and see it as one step to transforming into the social butterfly you secretly know you already are.

Practice. As mentioned, it takes one step after the other when it comes to living in the new mindset you’ve sacrificed and cried for, and pursued to obtain. Don’t let it go to waste by simply storing in in your mental rolodex. Besides, the main point is for you to actually be the healthy version of yourself; that person you literally think you are. Don’t allow the perceived opinions of others deter you from being the new you. And don’t permit the old version of yourself to stop you either. Consistent practice creates new habits, habits become behaviors, and behaviors play a tremendous role in influencing the life around you.

When it comes to a new mindset, you have to consider the overall goal of experiencing the fruit that comes with it. Remember to be intentional, self-aware, and to practice (practice, practice).


Tashima Jones is an author and life coach who focuses on personal development and building inner-wealth. Tap here for more on her coaching sessions. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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