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3 Years & Counting, CELIBACY?

Yes, it is true. I haven’t had sex in 3 years. Honestly, I can’t believe it myself. I recall telling one of my friends that I haven’t had sex in a while and he mentioned Devon Franklin to me and how he committed to celibacy for ten years until he married Meagan Good. The reason why he mentioned Devon to me wasn’t just because of my lack of sex but also because I am on my spiritual journey. Even though that is something that we have in common, I am not practicing Celibacy. I do not think that there is something wrong with restraining sex, but it isn’t the reason why I haven’t had it in years. I know that right now you are asking why, so let me explain.

It all started about 3 and a half years ago when my partner, the love of my life, and I separated. I spent over a year trying to reconnect and during that time I didn’t deal with anyone. Once I accepted that we weren’t going to get back together, I tried to move on. I met a few women that I was interested in, but the feelings weren’t mutual. There were some women interested in me, however, I wasn’t attracted to them. At this point in my life, more than 2 years had passed, and I didn’t connect to anyone mentally, physically, or sexually. Then Covid-19 happen, and I spent 2020 like everyone else, home, and during that time I didn’t meet anyone. I looked into online dating, but it wasn’t for me because I believe in making real connections with people.

I must admit something to you, I haven’t been where I am now, before in my life. Sex has always been an important part of my relationships. I always did whatever I had to do to have sex. I knew that I had changed before I got into my last relationship, but this is something entirely new. My spiritual journey keeps me from dealing with someone just for sexual gratification. I do not know how much longer I will go without meeting someone, but I am happy with who I am. I am happy to have a real connection with the Lord and to be mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually healthy.

My hope is that when you read this article, you think about how important sex is for you. Do you really need to have it? Do you enjoy it? Are you having sex with someone that you like or love? Take a moment and think about your sex life and whether or not it is the way you want it to be. Taking a moment (figuratively speaking) from sex as I have won’t hurt you, but it can help you to know what is really important to you. Peace & Love.


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