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I Am

C. Davis @mrs_mesha_davis

Image by C.Davis

I am sultry like the fever, in a hot day's sun,

I am frigid lunar surfaces, of chilled nights unsung.

I am the dark-lighted dueling heiress, of antiquity's, blessings bane.

I am love; I am heartbreak; I am conquered; I am rage!

I am silver, polished, sovereign for royal crowns,

Yet, I am lavished wickedly, in perverse and unsuited bows.

I am power unearthed…unbridled and wildly free,

I am the extractions of consciousness, tasteful in defeat.

I am the prowling cadence, of death’s howling lull,

I am mysteries refined of life, inexplicably, resolved.

I am them; I am us; I am all; I am none,

I am the evolution of a whole, yet confinements of just one.

I am the dearly departed, featherweight contender,

I am the opposing heart enslaved, by retribution's splendor.

I am untamed peace, I am riot’s carnal brood,

I am flesh; I am blood; I am venerations, renewed.

I am the yoked apparitions, of love once deceased,

I am the channeled water-bearer, of life given, and released.

I am the manifestation, of traditionally, cultured woke,

Yet, I am a dream unawaken by a shaming, strangled throat.

I am gracefully divined in baptisms, paralleled,

I am the ritual of midnight’s chaos, Ancestrally compelled.

I am destruction; I am healing; I am saturated nations,

I am extroverted humility, with perfected imperfections.

Remorseless; Unrepentant; Unmercifully unapologetic--I am!

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IG: @DavisCamesha @camesha0216


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