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A Relationship Won't Make You Happy Forever

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

Do you know what is the problem?

We think that a person will enter our life & change it the way we always wanted. It's like once we have this person in our life everything else will work out on its own.

A lot of young people have fantasized the idea of love & relationships so much that they don't realize there is a life outside of being in love. Your girlfriend or boyfriend won't make you happy forever.

But people realize this after being in a relationship for some time. That's when a sudden reality hits that whatever they had expected from this person or the relationship won't be fulfilled all the time. Everything which they assumed to last forever is temporary and then problems start between the couple which eventually ends with a breakup.

It's important for all of us to first accept that nothing can make us happy all the time. Forget about others, you’ll end up disappointing yourself a lot. That is why it's so unrealistic to expect that a specific person can make you happy all the time.

The reason behind successful relationships is they understand that both of them have their own choices, struggles, career, hobbies and the relationship they share is just another part of their lives. This thought helps to release any kind of unwanted pressure of pleasing each other all the time.

If you are in a relationship or about to enter in one, always remember that your partner can't keep you happy all the time & vice versa.

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