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'A Sisterly Christmas' Star Deborah Joy Winans Is Dismissing Her Enemies With Kindness

Haters are gonna hate....and if you have a ride or die sister with you, you can block them out with no problem. OWN has produced new holiday films for the season and A Sisterly Christmas is a family film that will have you laughing and clapping back at the television from start to finish.

This holiday movie follows two sisters, one who loves Christmas (Lisa Michelle Cornelius) and one who doesn't (Deborah Joy Winans) who receive an early Christmas gift: an inheritance that takes them on a once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday vacation. Their Christmas proves to be more than they bargained for when they run into their childhood rival (Kyana Teresa), now a snobby socialite who digs in on these sisters, testing their resolve as women and their bonds of sisterhood.

Zuri Hall hosted the 'OWN for the Holidays' press conference and asked Winans and Kendrick Cross, who also appears in the film, the question posed by Your Voice Media correspondent Ty Cole if they were to run into their former rival today, what would they say to them.

"I don't care about them so I don't have anything for them besides thank you," Winans expressed. "I pray that all is well with them. I'm going to be good regardless so thank you for pushing me to strive to be great."

Cross explains he has "never had rivals" and has also been his "own competition."

"If you're upset with me the way I'm living, my advice would be for you to check yourself," he said.

Be sure to tune in to 'A Sisterly Christmas' premiering on Tuesday on December 7th at 9 PM on OWN.


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