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Actress Daniele Lawson Wows The Big Screen, Her Debut Role As Will Smith’s Daughter In King Richard

Written by Kashanda Henry @kaschandacharisma

Photo by Ashley Byrd

Read our interview with Daniel Lawson and find out how she felt playing alongside Will Smith in the movie King Richard


How did it feel to work alongside Will Smith? Would you want to work with him again in the future?

It was truly an honor and dream to work along with Mr. Will. He acted as a mentor to me and poured knowledge into us each day. I had such a remarkable time filming King Richard with him and it was truly a blessing to be in his presence. I am looking forward to working with Mr. Will in the future and am so excited to see what is in store for both of us.

You have been working since you were 2 years old, what is a piece of advice you would give your younger self, having all the experience you have now acquired?

I would definitely tell myself to have more patience and believe in myself more. This is an industry where you may go out on 100 auditions before you book 1 project, and that may get discouraging at times. It is so important to have faith and to believe that your time is coming. Have fun with your auditions and be yourself.

Do you ever see yourself in the characters that you play? Do you have a favorite role that you have played?

Yes, I definitely see myself in some of the characters I play. I believe I am able to connect with the roles I get, due to the fact that I see myself in them. On the other hand, there are roles that I have to completely transform and adapt into which sometimes can be a little challenging. These are the roles that really help you grow and develop as an actor because they push you to completely be and embody someone else.

You have so many cool interests and hobbies. If you stopped being an actress tomorrow, what would you want to be or what would you want to do?

If I stopped being an actress I would want to be a news anchor when I'm older. I’ve always had a passion for public speaking and I love watching the news. My favorite news anchors are Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and Abby Philips. I find it so fun to watch them talk and I have a love for history/government as well.

You have worked with so many great actors and actresses in the biz. Is there anyone that you have dreamed of working with?

I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing and talented actors and actresses. One day I dream of working with Zendaya. I have always admired her since I was really young. Watching her start on Disney Channel and moving her way into film and producing has had such an impact on me. She truly is a great role model and icon. Working on a project with her would be a dream come true.

What is the legacy you want to leave behind? What kind of actress do you want to be remembered for?

I want to leave a positive and impactful legacy behind me. I hope to encourage people all over the world to believe in themselves and go after their dreams. I believe the power of storytelling can change peoples life’s for the better. I want to be remembered for my work as an actress and producer, but overall I want to be remembered simply as a kind person who helped others and inspired many generations to come.

Photo from @danieledeniselawson


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