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Alexis Skyy Files Cease & Desist Against Former Bestie Ikey.

Written by: Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

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If you’ve been following the drama for the last two weeks, Ikey Alexis Skyy’s former assistant/bestie have fallen out and he’s been spilling a lot of her tea.

After Alexis called him out for a business deal gone sou , he took over a fan page created for her daughter and turned it into a gossip page. Ikey proceeded to do a Q&A needless to say majority of the questions were about Alexis.

Following after he threatened to leak Alexis‘s sex tape and more details about her private life. He had a change of heart and issued a public apology. Alleging he never planned on leaking anything due to him “losing” his phone, but it was just a little too late.

The blog page is currently up and running , and all malicious content about Alexis has been deleted. Moving forward Ikey claims he wishes her the best and will always support her endeavors.


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