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Andrew GN: The Art of Tayloring

Written By: Patrizia Bertucci @fashion.whispers

Photo from Instagram: @andrewgn

Andrew Gn we can define him as one of those rare, old school fashion designers.

He was born in Singapore in 1966 and studied in Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London.

During his career he collaborated with such designers like Ungaro and Balmain before creating his “debut” collection. Now based in Paris, his peculiar feature is the continuous search for renewal.

He says : “ I love my work there is no other works that is more challenging and inspiring than fashion”.

His style merge historical influence of his country with contemporary haute couture vision: a mix of minimalism and tailored designs cut. Designs are flirty but never excessive, he uses rich textiles with floral appliques, cashmere embroidery to enrich and emphasize perfect cut.

Photos from Instagram: @andrewgn


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