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Anthony Mackie Calls Out Marvel for Their Lack of Diversity in Films

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

From Instagram @theanthonymackie

Anthony Mackie is no stranger when it comes to fulfilling roles within the Marvel Franchise.

With over 20 billion in sales, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series was recorded to being the highest-grossing film franchise in the world back in April.

With 23 Marvel films in total, Mackie has made several appearances aiding in the franchise's success. With 7 leading roles, Mackie says that Marvel needs to do better with diversity.

In a recent interview with Variety's Actors on Actors issue, Mackie introduced the idea of Marvel not being as inclusive when it comes to hiring black people as they are with hiring white people for the same positions.

As the recent movement of black progression and the highlighting of black voices have sparked spotlights on a lot of current issues in industries across the board, Mackie wants it known that we should be asking the questions of why we aren't seeing more representation of black directors, producers, actors, costume designers, and more.

"My big push with Marvel is to hire the best person for the job."

Though Mackie doesn't want to be viewed that his voice matters more than anyone else just because he is a celebrity, pushing the 'envelope' for more diversity will ultimately elevate black people in all aspects of the industry.


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