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Are We Becoming Too Independent For Relationships

Written By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs

Photo Credit: Cassandra N. Vincent Model: Jamya Canty

I was doing a cleanse the other day of my phone. Deleting old apps, text messages, cancelling services I no longer had a need for. And I thought we really have technology out here to support so many our daily needs.

I consider my great aunt and uncle two of my closest friends. I get to hang out with them daily; the two have been married for almost 60 years. My great uncle does the driving, cuts the grass, repairs, takes the trash out. My great aunt does the cooking, cleaning, goes to the market, keeps up with appointments, and balances the checkbook. To me, it seemed older generational relationships seemed more clear cut, and less overwhelming.

However, millennial relationships seem to demand more. People seem busier and more independent, thus marriage gets thrown on the back burner with debt, career, and personal fulfillment coming first. According to in the article '7 Ways Millennials are Changing Marriage, From Signing Prenups to Staying Together Longer Than Past Generations' - "The median age of first marriage in the US is 27 for women and 29 for men, according to the US Census Bureau. And those who have found the right partner are waiting longer in their relationships to get married — 4.9 years on average.”

I thought about myself, I could order groceries or take out from my phone. Have my laundry picked up and cleaned. I could assist the help from a marketplace for someone to come clean, download an app to balance my current expenses, and help me save. Go on social media to talk or text some friends for a quick happy hour should I need some social interaction. Sign up for a service to auto select clothes and shoes needed for work and after work.

I began to think as our generation becomes more savvy, more busy, and less socially conscious, are we eliminating an immediate need for a partner compared to generations of the past?


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