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Arranged Marriages: Are they on to something?

Written By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs

Photographer: Cassandra Vincent  Model: Jamya Canty

So often we are attracted to the most attractive person in the room often, falling too hard and too fast. Only to find out that it was not a good match after a few bumps and bruises to the ego.

I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that Love and Logic are often not in the same room. But can it be? Can we really learn to love someone? Most of us spend so much time in our adult lives dating strangers , going through the motions of “figuring out” who the person is before ending up single again to restart the process. I thought maybe earlier cultures had a great idea, leave it up to the people closest to you. Family, friends and co-workers typically know the most about you. They have seen you at your worst, best and technically know “your type”.

Why shouldn’t we leave the selecting up to them?

According to an article on "What is arranged marriage like in America today?" Sources report more than half of the world's marriages today are arranged and while many Americans cite “love” as the top reason to get married (trumping more practical factors like companionship and financial stability), plenty of couples in the U.S. still find arranged marriage to be the best option. \

I began to think can 'Arranged Marriage' be a logical option in Love?

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