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Music Review: Rapper & Songwriter, Artist Nejay

Photo By @photographypalmcoast

Artist’s Song: Don't Get Me Started


Nejay is a 17-year-old artist residing in Palm Coast FL, born “Nejay Hyde'' in Westmoreland Jamaica and moved to Deltona FL at the age of 7. Nejay has always had a deep love for music and takes inspiration from Roddy Ricch, Lil Tjay, Comethazine, Calboy, DaBaby, & many other new rappers. Along with working with other Palm Coast artists such as SupaChase, Nejay bought a cracked version of FL Studio and since then worked on his craft for about two years and counting. A big part of Nejay’s inspiration for creating music is proving the people who did not believe in him wrong. When first making music, the people around Nejay pretended to listen and even faked liking his music. Many people clowned him for rapping and making the art he made. Haters called his music trash and joked about him. Instead of letting the hateful energy get to Nejay's head, he used that hate as inspiration to prove his haters wrong. Hearing all of those hateful comments and backlash towards his art drove Nejay to continue and improve his craft.

Nejay makes music to tell stories of his life, the listener's life, or his current mood. Nejay makes music for the excitement of the outcome compared to when it was just an idea. On the song "Don’t Get Me Started" shows Nejay’s ability to spit fast paced rap flows over a bass filled Trap Instrumental. Mixing elements of Trap & Hip Hop, the instrumental sounds very clean while also loud and rambunctious for how much bass there is. Overall, this song is very good. Listen to "Don’t Get Me Started" By Nejay on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, & YouTube Music!

Artist's Social Media:

Instagram: @nejayh

Snapchat: @ovo.hyde


Written by Steven Wease

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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