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'Bad Girls Club' Stars Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas Set The Record Straight!

The Bad Girls are back on our screens this Sunday as the reboot version Baddies ATL is set to debut on the Zeus Network and things are already heating up. Before we were able to get to this point, if you remember a few months ago, Bad Girl Alum Tanisha Thomas and Natalie Nunn were feuding over the handling of the rebooted series all over social media, with Thomas inviting past 'Bad Girls' on our IG Live to discuss the situation.

As things continue to brew, Zeus debuts The Conversation, which featured Nunn alongside Season 9's Christina Salgado, Season 12's Jada Cacchilli, Season 10's Shannon Sarich and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago, and Season 11's Sarah Oliver. While this sit-down had a small handful of moments we remember, we had no idea what would come to follow. After burying the hatchet and coming together, Nunn and Thomas were able to create the first season of Baddies ATL, which features Season 7's Judi Jai, Season 17's Seven Craft, Season 11's Janelle Shanks, Basketball Wives alum and Season 9's Meghan James, Love & Hip Hop: New York' Sidney Starr, along with Salgado, Thomas, and Nunn to round out the cast.

As many viewers and fans of the Oxygen original series were wondering how did everything come together after the social media drama, Your Voice Magazine correspondent Ty Cole was able to get some answers during this week's press conference that had Nunn, Thomas, and Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer as the BGC OG's shared what went down.

Tanisha: "When Natalie initially contacted me to do the show, I got excited and made the flyer. I told Natalie that we can't choose the girls who should be on the show and we should let the fans decide. Natalie went and had a conversation with I believe Rocky and The Victor Twins. After the post dropped, I started seeing Jada and Rocky posting, stating how we were back. No, Natalie and I are coming back to talk about who's coming back"

When sharing about The Conversation, executive produced by Ray J and Princess Love from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Natalie confirmed the sit-down originally was supposed to be with Tanisha and Natalie. After The Conversation had wrapped, Nunn claims the women that were apart of that sit-down "immediately" thought they would be apart of Baddies ATL, which Nunn states that was not the case.

Natalie: "Lemmie stepped in with the Zeus executives like Darryl Farmer and they had a list of who they felt was going to be great for the Zeus platform and who their audience would really want to see. We had numerous meetings and we had a whiteboard with girls from the cast and went through the list of who everyone would want to see. Some wanted to be apart, some didn't want to be apart and were hesitant."

According to both Nunn and Thomas, former bad girls who didn't initially want to be apart of the cast, are now looking to possibly be apart of season 2 after seeing the trailer. Nunn confirmed this time around, being apart of a black-owned network, many of the former bad girls are interested due to feeling they were not painted in the correct light with the former network the original series aired on.

Which bad girls would you like to see for season two? Baddies ATL premieres May 16th at 6PM EST on the Zeus Network.


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