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Bartolotta & Martorana

Written By: Patrizia Bertucci @fashion.whispers

All photos from Instagram @bartolottaemartorana

Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana are the symbols of a new generation of Italian designers that promise to make their way in the fashion world.

Sicilians with a single passion that perhaps we dare say was born together with them: fashion. Despite their young age, the designers have already been in the spotlight:

both graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and winners of numerous fashion contests they had important work experiences in theatrical tailoring such as those of the “Teatro Massimo” in Palermo and the “Teatro alla Scala” in Milan.

Bartolotta and Martorana is an Italian fashion brand that proposes neoclassical taste and carefully selected materials with inserts from technology to craftsmanship. We can define them as two rare complete stylists and not only designers, so they are perfectly able to realize everything their fervent imagination can conceive, making their creations with experimental materials combined with traditional fabrics in order to be able to create something that is both concrete and abstract at the same time.

Their hallmark is to conceiving fashion as an art form and art are consequently, also their creations. They refer to art as a love of beauty, as a means of communication.

They create exciting clothes able to impress for originality and creativity, but above all to transmit a message. In this sense their fashion is a medium, a means through which to express a mood, a feeling beyond the fashions and trends of the moment.


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