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Beyonce’s Post Message for African Americans

Written By: Kailyn McBride. @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @beyonce

After Beyonce released a powerful message during a One World: Together at Home special a couple of days ago, more discussion of African Americans being hit with the pandemic is being talked about now more than ever.

Without having the luxury of working from home, Beyonce shared that African American communities are replacing high-risk numbers of those being affected with the COVID-19 virus.

Like Beyonce, more celebrities such as Diddy and Naomi Campbell are collaborating with major platforms to share their message of the importance of practicing safe social distancing as well as making sure we are getting tested.

Beyonce’s daughter Blu Ivy also had a take on the importance of washing our hands as she releases a PSA via Instagram.

As the pandemic continues, Beyonce and many others continuing to urge everyone across the globe to make sure they are protecting themselves.


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