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Big Sean's New Album Debuts at No.1, Topping 6ix9ine's Tattle Tales

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from @bigsean

Despite being projected to get the No.1 spot, 6ix9ine's Tattle Tales fell short some 50,000 units to Detroit 2, by Big Sean. This makes 3 back-to-back No. 1 albums on the Billboard Hot 200 chart for Sean Don.

Detroit 2 dropped on Friday, September 4th and quickly took off with 103,000 equivalent album units sold in the U.S. This album comes 3 years after his last No.1 I Decided (2017) and 5 years after Dark Sky Paradise (2015), which also hit No.1.

The Detroit rapper confides in his listeners with this project. He discusses his mental health, impacts of his upbringing, and other personal sentiments that in turn, helped him to tap in and put it in the music.

He shares a post on IG, thanking his fans for gifting him with another No.1 album. He captions it,

"Thank you! I sacrificed my privacy, I put so many emotions and lessons I learned the hard way into this music and gave a honest glimpse into my heart! it wasn’t easy, nights I thought of Offing myself cause Life was too heavy, but the lock in was worth it! Had to remember if I’m still here and so many aren’t, it’s for reason..."

He goes on to say how his goal is to inspire his fans and how thankful he is for the success of this album. I'm sure fans are thankful as well, as it shows in the numbers.

The album consists of 21 songs with features from his boo Jhene Aiko, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla$ign, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Erykah Badu and more. While 6ix9ine is known for trolling his competitors, it looks like he's having a little more fun with this loss.

Tattle Tales reached No.4 on the chart with a humble 53,000 units sold and since then he's posted some funny videos on IG making humor of his disappointment.

Congratulations to Big Sean for his No.1 album and congratulations to 6ix9ine as well for finding a new way to


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