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Big Stalker... He Runs!

Y'all read the first part, right? he's outside my car door asking to talk. I allowed him in so we can put an end to this entire thing and leave without any need for future closure chats. The conversation was going well in the beginning. He explained why he thought it was not a break up, thinking it was just a fight between us. It did not hit him until he saw that I genuinely moved on and was legit not hitting him up to fix anything. This caused him to force himself to be seen by me. Hence the pop up.

I knew without a doubt I was done, but, I listened to everything. I responded the best way I could "ok, I'm glad we spoke, I hope we can still be cool when we see each other. Do you need a ride to the train?". After an awkward pause...he said no, I'm good, turned to hop out of the car and SNATCHED my phone as he exited!

I usually don't cheat...I When I file my taxes I check single.

BUT! There was some suspect activity in my phone with maybe...people he knows and I didn't want to ruin anyone's friendships. I couldn't let him see, anything.

Feeling violated as I watched this fool sprint down the block.

Sitting in my vehicle...that is faster than a man. I turned her on and hit the gas!

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I thought about it... but I didn't hit him.

I apologized to the innocent garden gnome caught in the crossfire.

When I caught up to him, he gave my phone back.


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