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'Bingo Hell' Fights Against Gentrification And Greed

Written by Yolanda Baruch @yobwrite

Bingo Hell official poster. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Bingo Hall follows the elderly citizens of Oak Springs, and the local snoop and activist, Lupita (Adriana Barraza), is immensely protective of her hole-in-the-wall community. When a sinister gentrifier and entrepreneur named Mr. Big (Richard Brake) rolls into town and entices the residents of the low-income community with a new and improved converted bingo hall with cash prizes that fulfill all their worldly desires.

The too good to be true prizes serve up deadly consequences as Lupita discovers when her longtime neighbors begin turning up dead from gruesome circumstances.

Adriana Barraza Stars in Bingo Hell. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios YV Media Correspondent caught up with three of the stars of Bingo Hell to discuss the importance of having an elderly Latina character as the lead, the difference between a winner and a loser, and why building a community is so necessary.

Bingo Hell is now streaming on Amazon.


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