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Designer Tasha Catches Up With Chioma 'ChiGul' Omeruah

Chioma Omeruah, better known as “ChiGul” , is a Nigerian comedian, singer, and actress. She is internationally known for her accents and comedic characters. Viewers tune in to watch her on the big screen and follow her Instagram feed where she plays ‘Rev. SweetWater’ from the ‘Church of God’s Grace & Good Sense' where she encourages viewers in a comedic way to 'Be Blessed but Have Sense’.

With her beautiful offerings of comedic relief, ChiGul has gotten us through the global pandemic of 2020. Scrolling through her page made you smile and provided an escape from the world's madness for a few minutes. ChiGul’s weight loss journey has also been a great encouragement. She is one of the most transparent women I know and posts consistently about fitness and self-love!

Being full-figured myself, I wanted to highlight some incredible women who I admire. And the closer the airways got to open up, the more I desired to do a fashion story with ChiGul. During a brief chat, I told her when I get to Nigeria (in 2020), we’d have to do a project! She humbly agreed and the results were Spring 2021 magic!

Check out this interview with ChiGul and her beautiful fashion editorial.

Designer Tasha: We're going to start with some fun questions! Up first: Where is your favorite place to travel?

ChiGul: My favorite place so far is Dubai.

Designer Tasha: What do you do for self-love?

ChiGul: I do my best to take care of myself. I try to stay healthy... Every now and then I’ll do a home spa, put some gunk on my face, wash it off and chill lol!

Designer Tasha: What’s your favorite color?

ChiGul: I’m loving bright colors right now, especially the color yellow!

Designer Tasha: What’s your favorite food?

ChiGul: I will eat anything... I just love food, lol.

Designer Tasha: What has kept you grounded?

ChiGul: God and my family. I would not want to do anything that would embarrass them.

Designer Tasha: Now...I’ve been watching you religiously throughout. 2020 and you were one of my favorites. You motivated me and made me laugh at the same time! Aside from providing all the smiles, what have you been up to?

ChiGul: I have been working quite a bit; producing and creating content, and still working as an MC.

Designer Tasha: What are some upcoming projects that you can actually discuss?

ChiGul: Prayerfully my plan is to give the world a web series, a sitcom, and a movie this year.

Designer Tasha: Great. What inspired you to pursue comedy & acting?

ChiGul: Truly, it wasn’t a path that I personally chose. I think I would rather say that comedy & acting chose me.

Designer Tasha: What would you have been doing if not comedy & acting?

ChiGul: I would probably still be working at the Ecowas Commission or I would be teaching French in a high shcool.

Designer Tasha: What’s your ultimate career goal?

ChiGul: My goal is to get global recognition. Hollywood and Broadway have always been my secret aspirations.

Designer Tasha: Can you give advice to upcoming actors, entertainers, and comedians?

ChiGul: I would advise that you work hard, stay grounded, and to be humble. Humility will open doors for you that your talent never will.

Team Credits:

Stylist-Designer Tasha (VonRay Designs)

Creative Director- Simeon Akinbulumo

Illustrator: Justin Jackson

Photographer: Snapp Code of Africa

Make-Up: Oluwaseun Britney Ogunboye


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