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Ciara Continues To Show The World She Means Business As She Announces Antimicrobial Backpack Launch

Written By: Blair Moon @_BlairM on Instagram

In the words of her 2018 hit single, ‘Level Up’ Ciara continues to do just that. Taking to social media on Monday, July 19, the R&B singer announced a new project. It wasn’t music (yet) however it was her new business, ‘Dare to Roam.’

“I’m excited to share a cool new project I’ve been working on to help you rebuild your confidence as you Dare To Roam,” she captioned her promotional picture on Instagram.

This announcement from Ciara comes as she continues to elevate and show us that she’s more than just a singer, songwriter, and entertainer, but she’s a businesswoman as well.

In recent years she’s not only continued to give us bops after releasing her 7th studio album Beauty Marks in 2019 but she’s also announced a movie company with her husband Russell Wilson, a clothing line, joint fragrance, a school, and the list goes on. She’s even become a television host, hosting everything from award shows to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

With the motto ‘Do You Dare To Roam,’ Ciara is gearing up to launch a line of antimicrobial bags for traveling.

“Meet the prodigy backpack, our first antimicrobial bag that is 100% ethically produced,’ The official Dare To Roam website explains. “99% in killing bacteria, the Prodigy Backpack suppresses the growth of mold and mildew to virtually eliminate odors, discoloration, and deterioration. Built to travel anywhere you go, Dare To Roam offers functionality without sacrificing versatility.”

The mission for the backpack is ‘A Bag That’s Built to Last.’

With every sale made for the backpack “3% of the profits go to the 'Why Not You Foundation' to fight poverty through education and mentorship for children.”

Dare To Roam officially launches on August 11, 2021, but you can stay up to date with exclusive information regarding the drop on DareToRoam.Com.


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