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“CRACKA” Produced By Dale Resteghini Qualifies For Oscar Consideration

Official poster for "Cracka" drama. Photo Courtesy: Dale Resteghini

The new controversial hit series "Cracka” has officially been picked up for an entire season by the Vyre Network and is also in consideration for an Oscar in the shorts category for its first released episode that premiered in 2021.

Scene from "Cracka" drama. Photo Courtesy: Dale Resteghini

"Cracka” the series, follows a present-day white supremacist who gets thrust back in time when African-Americans ruled and Caucasians were enslaved.

Producer and director Dale Resteghini, aka Rage, adds producer Christina Cooper from BET's "South Central Love" and talented producer J'Tasha St. Cyr to this groundbreaking drama.

Dale did not create "Cracka" with the idea of making it into a feature film or television series, but it has turned out to be more legendary than expected because of the daring plot twist.

Photo Courtesy: Dale Resteghini

Dale is best known for "Da Hip Hop Witch," his spoof of "The Blair Witch Project" that starred Eminem, Ja Rule, Pras, and Vanilla Ice. He viewed "Cracka" as a meaningful project that might open the eyes and hearts of Americans to the past and current struggles of the Black community. How would things by turning the tables? The new series will offer a great perspective on history.

Photo Courtesy: Dale Resteghini

Get ready for groundbreaking history to take place with this new, never-before-seen television series. The series is something new, daring, yet refreshing. The first season starts its production this April.

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