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Creativity: The Art Of Discipline

The concept of discipline is nestled in the idea of learning mixed with a bit of self-awareness. Discipline itself means instruction or knowledge. It is to focus on a specific subject or activity; and with self-awareness one can discover just how they learn or focus best. This inevitably, makes room for true endurance to see the completion of a task.

Understanding yourself is vital when it comes to discipline. Too often, most don’t stick with a project based on their lack of knowing how they work versus the difficulty of the task itself. For example, it is not hard to write a book; the difficulty is found in not knowing your process of writing.

Here are some major keys to mastering the art of discipline:

Discover how you work & learn. Consider the most recent project you’ve completed and think about how that success came to be. Did you plan? What was your schedule? How much enthusiasm did you have for it? Learning about yourself is one of the primary disciplines you should have. Reflect on how you accomplished the previous goal and apply those strengths to new ones.

The value of the project. Often times, the value of a thing influences the effort put forth to making it happen. Considering the importance of what it is you’re working on should boost your desire to build it. Value is usually found in the outcome. How is this project going to impact your life and those around you? Even if it is a simple goal of working out. When you think about exercising, how important is it to you? What value does it add to your life and your loved ones?

Value in and of itself is inspiration for discipline.

Believe in the possibility. This is especially true for individuals building something new. Pioneers require discipline; it's mandatory. If you are creating a brand, business, or even a home/family lifestyle that was never modeled to you, believing in the possibilities is major. Belief will take a person further than skill can. As you cultivate that vision, believe that it is actually possible. Believe that it is a reality for you.

Like most abilities, discipline is a learned habit; it is strengthened with practice. As you start future endeavors, take time to reflect on how you work, the value reaching your goal adds, and how much you believe in what you're accomplishing.


Tashima Jones is an author, host, and life coach who focuses on personal development and inner-wealth. Be sure to visit for coaching sessions, books and more. LifeClub members, be sure to look for our Building Discipline download coming soon. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

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