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Crepes/Pancakes/Alle Belle

By Ashney Rebello Instagram: @ashneys_kitchen_stories

Family Tradition... and it’s colorful because it’s the last day of Carnival in Goa.

This Goan pancake is a light crepe filled with a jaggery/coconut filling.


Crepes :

⭐️2 cups All purpose flour

⭐️2 large Eggs

⭐️salt as per taste

⭐️1000 ml of water

For the filling:

⭐️150 grams fresh coconut

⭐️100 grams of jaggery

you can use any filling of your choice.

Method :

⭐️Hand whisk the crepe batter and keep it to the side..mix well so there are no lumps.

⭐️If you need color, divide the batter and use the food color of your choice. (color is optional)

⭐️Using a non-stick pan or crepe pan, grease the pan and heat it on a low flame. Allow it to heat for 3 to 4 mins.

⭐️Take 3/4 of the batter in a paddle and pour it in the pan and gently spread it all around the pan.

⭐️Cover it for 2 mins until is it cooked.

⭐️Once the crepe is ready, add the filling and roll it.

⭐️Continue the same process for all the crepes.

Your crepes are ready to eat!

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