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Ashney Rebello @ashneys_kitchen_stories

This is a beautiful cocktail which I often make for my house parties, if you are a gin/vodka lover then you will love this ..


Cucumber Rose Cocktail 🍸 (Gin/Vodka based)

👉1 1/2 oz gin/vodka(1 1/2 oz equals 3 tbsp of gin/vodka). I used Hendrick's Gin.

👉6 to 10 thin slices of cucumbers🥒

👉1 medium lime (sliced)

👉4 oz tonic water

👉1/4 cup lemonade

👉6 mint leaves

👉1 rosemary sprig

👉1 tbsp sugar (optional or you can use honey)

You can use any glass of your choice


👉Add mint, lemonade, lime, gin/vodka, and if desired, sugar or honey to shaker and muddle.

👉Add cucumber slices to shaker and shake vigorously.

👉Pour mixture in glass filled with ice and add tonic water.

👉Garnish with a nice sprig of rosemary leaves and, if desired, more cucumbers to look pretty. 🤩

👉Stir, let set for a few minutes for the flavors to enhance and enjoy.

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