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Daniel Lee Bellomy Talks New Season, Controlling His Power + Advice From Mary J. Blige

Zeke may have been on the sidelines in the first season of Power Book II: Ghost, but season two is pushing him off the bench and onto the court. Daniel Lee Bellomy has returned as Zeke and is making some powerful moves. As his relationship with Professor has ended (for now), the only love Zeke has time for is basketball to make it to the pros.

While we wait to see what happens to Zeke after the cops took him down for questioning, Bellomy had a lot of answers for Your Voice Media correspondent Ty Cole about the new season, how he controls his power, and which Power character should receive a spinoff next.

"It's going to get interesting honestly," said Bellomy, as he chats about the new season. "It's a lot of layers to the new season and Zeke - he's definitely feeling the pressure. There's a dilemma Zeke will face because he does need to take responsibility for himself and what will be the best for his future. It's a little hard to do so when there are other influences that are manipulating and not being honest just to exploit him. If the people he's going all-in for have other agendas, this will have him tied up."

When asked how Bellomy controls his own 'power,' he said he's in his right mind and is ready for whatever may come at him.

"Sometimes, you can have talent and the power that comes with it but not be in a place where you're ready to handle all that, as it is a lot," he expressed. "Coming to this place in my life now and being ready in my mind to control my power, I'm ready for whatever may come at me now in comparison to when I was younger."

Photo from Daniel Lee Bellomy Instagram

Towards the end of this amazing interview, Bellomy discusses his musical efforts and tells us that he received advice from costar Mary J. Blige, who told him to "just do it" when it comes to making music and pursuing his musical dreams.

You can watch the full interview with Daniel Lee Bellomy below and make sure to watch him on Power Book II: Ghost every Sunday at 8/7c on Starz.


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