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Darrell Patterson of HeatXtreme

Health should always be a priority, and with recent events it's even more important than ever. Fitness expert, Darrell Patterson shares the perks of physical fitness on mental health, his core mission with HeatXtreme, and more.

Share your personal health journey. When did you begin helping others reach their fitness goals?

My personal health journey is just like the next person. There is no special secret. It takes the same hard work and focus for me as it would anyone else. I work consistently on a daily basis. Because I've been doing this for a long time, I understand my body and what I need to do to maintain my aesthetic. Even with that, it’s always an everyday active work in progress.

About seven years ago, I lost my corporate job and I had to figure out a plan with my son on the way. I’ve always loved fitness so I decided to make it a career. I started out spending my entire day at the gym from open to close looking for clients and asking people if they needed a trainer. I finally got my first client at $30 per week. The rest, as they say, is history.

I literally walked into my purpose out of necessity.

Remarkable. How important is mental health in connection with the body? How does being physically fit assist us mentally?

Mental health is absolutely the cornerstone of the fitness journey. It all starts with your mindset. Your mindset is what will program you into making a habit out of something that you actually benefit from. Your mindset helps you remain disciplined far beyond where motivation might waiver. Also, exercise is the greatest stress and anxiety reliever.

It is extremely therapeutic in managing your mental...

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