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DATES: Healthier Alternative To Refined Sugar

Written by: Bhavani Swaminathan @aakanksha_dfw

Dates have vitamins A and B, a combination that gives the system the power to resist viruses and infections. Dates also contain protein and carbohydrates as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and pectin which makes them rejuvenators. According to Ayurveda dates combined with specific herbs have medicinal value for ailments of chest region and cough. Dates also provide strength to heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys. They help in building up nerves in the brain and increase appetite and are also tissue building. Dates give power to the stomach and cures many digestive diseases. As dates are alkaline forming in nature, they maintain an alkaline balance in the system and hence it is regarded as health food. It purifies blood as well. Following is a quick healthy recipe which can be made by using dates and dry fruits. It's called Dates Burfi.


Wet dates - 200 g

Almonds - 100 g

Unsalted Cashewenuts - 50 g

Pistachios - 50 g

Raisins - 50 g

Walnuts - 50 g

Clarified Butter - 2 tsp

Dry coconut powder - 2 tsp

Cocoa Powder - 2 tsp


Grind coarsely all the nuts and keep aside. Soak wet dates in hot water for 10 minutes and remove seeds. Now blend it into a fine paste. Do not add water. Heat a pan adding clarified butter and sauté the coarsely grinded nuts for 3-4 minutes. Now add the dates paste and mix thoroughly with the nuts. Grease a tray and put this mixture on the tray. Garnish with some nuts and coconut powder and let it cool for sometime. Now cut into pieces and serve. This is super nutritious and yummy burfi.


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