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Demetria McKinney On How Janine Relates To Her Role As Anacostia In 'Motherland: Fort Salem'

Written by Ty Cole@tycoletv

Demetria McKinney has shown us over the years her versatility in TV/ Film, and her role as Anacostia in the Freeform hit series Motherland: Fort Salem continues to prove the range she has as an actress.

Mckinney's character is a drill sergeant in the series. During Season one's finale, her character did a deed that may cost her in Season two, letting Scylla (played by Amalia Holm) free and followed her to one of the radical witches’ houses. She finds out that Scylla was meeting up with Willa, Raelle's mother, who actually isn't dead.

Demetria McKinney as Anacostia in Motherland: Fort Salem

Your Voice Correspondent, Ty Cole spoke with Mckinney on how her character will deal with an unlikely ally this forthcoming season, the similarities between her character and 'House Of Payne' character Janine, and what traits they should take from each other.

Cole: How do Demetria and your character, Anacostia, deal with unlikely allies?

McKinney: You have to remember you're together for a reason and if you can find a commonality, you can find a way. Once we all realize that we all have something in common, we can work together a lot easier to get things done. For Anacostia and the new unexpected ally, it's a challenge but what ties those two together is the intentionality being the same. They both want the same thing but they go about it differently.

Cole: How does your character Anacostia and Janine from House Of Payne relate to each other?

McKinney: Both of these characters are true mother figures in their own right. When it comes to Janine, I have a Janine in my family and the biggest takeaway to learn from Janine is the choices you make directly affect the people you love. Anacostia being a mother figure to these three women is a mimic of what she was given. It was regimented and by the book - very immersed in the must-have of it all. One thing to takeaway to learn from Anacostia is while you are a mother, you need to have balance.

You can see McKinney as Anacostia on the new season of Motherland: Fort Salem premiering Tuesday, June 22nd at 10:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.


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