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DNA Test Confirms Rick Ross has More Children

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @richforever

After the rapper, songwriter, and CEO was forced into taking a paternity test for the children belonging to his ex-girlfriend, Briana Camille, the results have confirmed that he is 99.9% the father of their two recent children, Berkley and Billion. After taking legal action since the paternity test was announced, there have been a few complaints and allegations regarding Rick Ross not putting forth enough effort financially and responsibly to care and visit their two children. Since the couple's split back in 2019, Camille shared that she is hoping to keep their legal battles and announcements private but with accusations of each other lying to the press, it has been difficult to keep their business under a low-profile. While Camille is also suspected to be currently pregnant with Ross's third child, Camille is demanding Ross to provide immediate child support for the expenses of their current children and current pregnancy. As the DNA test is confirmed and we're awaiting the judges' rule on Camille's allegations as well as the arrival of their new child, Ross is continuing to post photos of Berkley and Billion and celebrating his successes with his globally known brand various new partnerships.


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