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Does One Partner Always Love More Than the Other?

Written By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs

Photo By: Jonathan BorbafromPexels

A friend of mine recently suggested I watch “Love is Blind” on Netflix. I was hooked, honestly whomever came up with the idea is a genius. Each couple displayed in the series brought up so many issues I believe our generation faces daily. The main issue I have to address is the “level of love” in each relationship. As the series came to a close I realized that in each partner, someone displayed a higher level of love than the other.

I began to think, in relationships does the strength of love fall on one person always? In each relationship on the show one partner displayed no hesitancy in getting married while the other was skeptical. One partner was “All in from day one”, one partner was head over heels no questions asked in love. I thought, does one person in every successful relationship need someone to love a little bit harder in order to survive?

What are your thoughts about love in a relationship?

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