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Effective Communication Is A Gem

CREDIT: Pexels

Communication is an interesting word, more than just relaying a message it encompasses conveying the message in such a way that it is understood. So many relationships face challenges that have nothing to do with what the argument was about and everything to with how the message was conveyed. The ability to communicate effectively is truly a gem. It is a game changer in the workplace and in the bedroom; with friends and with children. It is a tool that has the power to change your life in an instant.

The heart of the word communicate is the concept of imparting, giving or transmitting to another. It literally means to make common; meaning the act of taking the message you have and making it plain to the person you are informing. For example, one message shared with an adult will sound very different from how it is shared with a baby. The ultimate goal of communication is understanding, and how that message is transmitted makes all the difference.

Those who effectively communicate consider the message itself, who it’s being imparted to, and reaching the goal of understanding.

The Message. What are you trying to say? Oftentimes, we start conversations without fully knowing the message. Waiting to speak is priceless. It eliminates petty arguments, confusion, and wasting time. Think about the message you actually desire to share, and if possible, before sharing it.

The Person. Who are you speaking to? Get this, effective communication is not only about you. Yes, you have something to say and yes, what you have to say (in most cases) matters. You can't stop there, you must consider your audience. Whether it’s a spouse or an employee, you need to consider who you are speaking to. How do they receive information best? What headspace might they be in? Being considerate is a huge component of healthy communication.

Understanding. The goal of any conversation should be understanding. If either party’s goal is to merely be right, the conversation will most likely become a battle of words. Every person desires to be understood, even in disagreement. People desire to know they are seen and heard...even you. Make it a goal to understand and to be understood. While this is not always an immediate or easy destination to get to, it’s truly worth the journey.


Tashima Jones is an author, host, and life coach who focuses on personal development and inner-wealth. Be sure to visit for coaching sessions, books and more. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

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