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Erica Campbell Thoughts On 'Mary Mary' Biopic; TV One Interested

Written by Ty Cole @tycoletv

2020 was the year of the Black women and Urban One Honors is making sure they are given the respect they deserve. The theme for this year's ceremony is 'Women Leading the Change,' with the program recognizing the achievements of women leaders who are blazing trails and creating new pathways for others in their respective areas of expertise. The award show will have six categories, including: Reparations Ambassador, Business Alchemist, Family Needs Ambassador, Health Equality Ambassador, Investigative Journalism Crusader, and Voting Rights Champion.

The extravaganza will be hosted by award-winning journalist and author Roland Martin and Grammy-Award-winning gospel artist Erica Campbell. Your Voice Magazine Correspondent, Ty Cole was able to speak to "Mary Mary" member in a press conference to promote the show. Many artists continue to receive the biopic treatment to tell their story of their careers. Ty was able to speak to Campbell about possibly 'honoring' her legacy in Mary Mary on the big screen:

"It would take some thought. It would be a huge honor to have someone play us and tell our story. So many people had much more traumatic lives but I would be interested into exploring that."

TV One representative Robyn Green Arrington chimed in to share that the network has been entertaining the idea, sharing they are "thinking about that" and for us to stay tuned.

The Urban One Honors airs May 16th at 9 pm ET/8C immediately following the UNCENSORED, featuring the final interview of the late DMX.


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