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Essence Atkins Is 'Very Open' To A Smart Guy Reboot

Essence Atkins is set to star in Coins Forever, which is the third and final of the Coins franchise. The story will follow Madison (Atkins) and Alec (Stephen Bishop), who are flourishing in their careers and begin to explore their romance. However, reality strikes as the two face new distractions and obstacles that threaten to derail the fate of their relationship. Also starring in the film are Golden Brooks, Kendrick Cross, TC Carson, and Demetria McKinney.

Atkins tells us that the viewers can expect "obstacles" in the final film of the trilogy series.

"There is always an obstacle in our happily and heavenly ever afters," says the actress. "In this film, it's a 'will they or won't they' for Madison and Alec. It will show who is on their team as our relationships don't exist in bubbles. It's a matter of will everyone support Madison and Alec's relationship."

Tahj Mowry spoke to CinemaBlend about the early stages the current 'Smart Guy' reboot is in, and when asked if she would return as her character Tasha Yvette Henderson, she said she's "very open" to the possibility.

"I have not seen a script as of yet but I am absolutely open to it," Atkins says. "I would be very curious to see where these characters were after all these years later and how their lives turned out. What I love about these characters is there's such humanness to them. The way that Floyd parented in the midst of going through his heartbreak as a widower and then owning his own business. The way parented with strength, compassion, humor, and wisdom was great."

Another popular sitcom fans adored Atkins in was the now-defunct UPN original series Half & Half as DeeDee Thorne. Unfortunately, the show did end on a cliffhanger, however, the 49-year-old actress spilled the beans on the original plans the show had for her character and Mona.

"I can now spill the beans as Yvette Lee Bowser appeared on my Instagram a few days ago and shared the original plan for Mona and DeeDee," the Half & Half actress shares.

"She finally spilled the beans and answered who Mona chose. Mona was going to choose Chase, played by Lamman Rucker. As far as Brett and DeeDee, the plan was for them to open their own sports agency and the relationship would've been modeled after the Sam and Diane romance we saw on 'Cheers.' We were going to play around with the thought of will they end up together or not."

Watch the full interview and catch the premiere of 'Coins Forever' on TV One Sunday, November 14, at 7 P.M. ET/6C.


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