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Establishing Alignment with Work & Life

Work - Life balance is never an issue when alignment exists between the two. It is unprofitable focusing on the balance of things while ignoring what creates the balance one

ultimately seeks. The concept of alignment denotes agreement and when our inner

being agrees with what our hands touch, life is the ultimate balance. When we consider the

balance beam, we see the pole between two scales and the goal is to place the right amount on each side to obtain synergy.

When we consider life, we take it a step further in understanding that more occurs in the

invisible than in the five-sensory realm. And when we place more weight on the things in the spirit there is less weight to carry in the natural. The issue with only, or mostly, living in the five-sensory or visible world is that we tire ourselves out trying to juggle a million things at once. Again, agreement is key.

Most of the weight carried is experienced in our emotional and mental spheres. We ultimately feel this weight in our physical bodies, finances, relationships, etc. So tackling

that which we don’t see is vital in reaching alignment in what we do see. Agreement is the concept of being on one accord, on the same page, if you will. When your soul-body agrees with the work you are completing there is a lightness; a balance, it is a sense of clarity.

Questions to Explore

  • What does success mean to you?

  • What does success feel like internally (emotionally, spiritually, mentally)?

  • What does success feel like externally (physically within your body and in the natural with material possessions)?

Photo Credit: Kaboompics


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