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Ever been on a date by accident or is that just me?

Written by Rasheena @RahAKA

As a social butterfly, I’m in many Group chats. For 1 group, we had a game night. Some of us met for the first time while others knew each other. I noticed, while playing Taboo, a guy flirting with me. Now, I am SERIOUS when it comes to Taboo! But I’ll save that for another story.

Fast forward a few weeks. We’re all reminiscing about game night in the chat when he suggests we all link for drinks. I’m almost always off during holidays, teacher life! So, I’m down to link, and about 5 others as well. We planned the date and location and was set. By the day of, 2 people backed out. Now its myself, him, and 2 others still going.

I get there and he is already seated. I join and ask if he heard from the others because they were quiet in the chat and I knew he knew them more than I did. He says “yea they coming”. Now I’m 2 drinks in wondering what’s up? I decide to DM 1 of the girls. She tells me she told “him” she couldn’t make it and she was the driver for the 3rd person.

Now I’m tight! I asked. Do you know this man started laughing and said “well they couldn’t come so I took it as a sign that we needed to date. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for everything”.

I was bamboozled, BAMBOOZLED!

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