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EXCLUSIVE: B. Scott Talks Returning To BET Networks, How To Score A Date With Them, + More

Muva is home indeed. B. Scott has made a lane for themselves, having their website since 2007 - gracing the internet and our television screens dishing on all things pop culture, entertainment, fashion, music, nightlife, and more.

After a small right with BET Networks back in 2013, they have reconciled, and now B. Scott is back home where they belong. They are now the new host of the BET original series Twenties after-show and they are bringing the heat. With star-studded guests like Kenya Moore, Donnell Rawlings, Estelle, Iman Shumpert, and creator Lena Waithe, Scott continues to keep our butts glued and in-tune every Wednesday night at 10:30 PM ET / 9:30 PM CT.

Photo Credit: BET

Your Voice Media correspondent Ty Cole chatted with the legendary host about reconciling with BET, the best way a man can approach them, and answers some fun-filled questions.

Cole: You returned to BET with the Twenties After-show. What was it that made you want to come back?

Scott: I was in a place of forgiveness. I wanted to turn the chapter and let go of the resentment, bitterness, and narrative. I know the power of forgiveness and it's manifested in my life., I feel so much freedom, so much release. It's important for me to get back into the conversation. Motha's home.

Cole: What is about the show Twenties that you love and what is it about the show you feel really connects with the audience?

Scott: Until Scott Mills came up with the idea of me to host the after-show, I had not watched the show, I'm not going to lie. However, when I did start to watch it, I had to text Lena and let her know this is some good sh*t. This is a good show. People need to have these conversations and have these representations on television. When you see yourself or see someone like you on television, that makes you feel that you can be who you are and have a right to be and exist.

Photo Credit: BET

Cole: How does one score a date with B. Scott?

Scott: Imma keep it real - it will take a lot because I'm guarded. When it comes to my heart, I'm. guarded. I'm still recovering a bit - what people don't know is after the BET situation in 2013, my ex was murdered and my father died. I still believe I'm still working on myself in order to be with someone as I was contemplating reconciling with my ex. If someone comes along, I will do my best to do the work, counseling, etc. In order to score me, it would have to be someone who would grow on me over time.

Watch the full interview below and make sure to tune into the 'Twenties' season finale this Wednesday, December 15th at 10:00 PM ET followed by the 'Twenties After-Show.'


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