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Written by: Bhavani Swaminathan @aakansha_dfw

The foods which we usually include in our daily diet are made up of a number of chemical components called nutrients. Each nutrient has its own function. But the various nutrients must act in unison for effective action. The nutrients found in foods are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. Fiber is also an essential component of our diet. The chief function of carbohydrates is to provide energy needed by our body. Those which are not used immediately are stored as glycogen or converted to fat and stored to be mobilized for energy supply when needed. Fats are concentrated sources of energy, carriers of fat soluble vitamins and a source of essential fatty acids. Function of protein is building of new tissues and maintaining and repair of those already built. Protein, when taken in excess of the body’s need, is converted to fats and stored in the body. Minerals play a role in regulation process of the body, e.g. muscle contraction, clotting of blood, nerve stimuli, etc. Vitamins are needed for growth, normal function of the body and normal body processes. Water is essential for the utilization of food material in the body and also for elimination of food waste. Following is healthy breakfast recipe which contains all the macro and micro nutrients.



Fresh Cow’s Milk : 200 ml

Apple : ½ chopped

Banana : 1 chopped into medium pieces

Pomegranate : 1 small bowl

Unsalted cashew nuts : 4-5

Raisins : 8-10

Walnuts : 4-5

Basil seeds : 2 tsp

Honey : 2 tsp

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