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'Games People Play' Kendall Kyndall Reveals His Character's Loyalty Will Be Tested This Season

Let the games begin. BET has brought back the suspenseful drama Games People Play for a second season and it's already coming in hot.

This season, we will see Lauren London take a backseat in a recurring role while a new player is introduced as Karrueche has joined the cast as Eden Lazlo, the LA Vipers owner’s daughter and newly named VP of basketball operations, who further complicates Marques King’s love life.

Series regular Kendall Kyndall chatted with Your Voice Media correspondent, Ty Cole, about his character MJ's development this season as his relationships are tested as Nia’s (Karen Obilom) investigation into a secret society jeopardizes her relationship with MJ and Laila (Parker McKenna Posey).

Kyndall says, MJ is going full throttle and handling business on his own terms, hinting that he may "put his friendships on the line" and the "loyalty may not be there" this season, before letting us know the audience definitely should tune in.

Leon joins the cast this season as Sarunas Jackson's character's father and an intimate moment between the stars is shown onscreen. When asked about Black men showing vulnerability on television, Kyndall shares it's "important" to see this on the show.

"Fathers don't normally show vulnerability. My father would play fight with me, which was his way of telling me he loved me. It's very important to see this exchange and I'm glad we're showing it this season."

Make sure to catch 'Games People Play' every Tuesday at 10PM ET/PT on BET.


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