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'Grand Crew' Aaron Jennings: 'I Want the Show to Let Black People Be Okay with Vulnerability'

As Black people, we always tend to have others project how "strong" we are and it becomes "taboo" when we show our emotions or vulnerability. Grand Crew star Aaron Jennings hopes the series gives the Black race permission to feel vulnerable and show that Black people are human, too.

From plant-based eating to therapy sessions, this NBC series follows a group of young professionals who are all trying to navigate the ups and downs of life and love in Los Angeles – and they always find time to gather at their favorite bar to “wine down” and unpack it all. From the brilliant mind of Phil Augusta Jackson (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Insecure) and Dan Goor (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) comes a new comedy that proves life is better with your crew.

Your Voice Media caught up with Jennings, who plays Anthony, and Cart Tart, who plays Sherman, to discuss the impact they hope the series has on audiences, which rapper would be okay with making a diss record about them, and if any challenges their character faced helped motivate them to overcome something within in their real life.

"I hope the audience doesn't see Blackness as this monolithic experience," Jennings expressed. "I hope people see the Black race as more of a human race. I feel like the cast humanized ourselves through this show. Hopefully, we're giving Black people the permission to be vulnerable and themselves. That's what I hope the show leaves on."

GRAND CREW -- "Wine & Headlines" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Jennings as Anthony, Grasie Mercedes as Fay -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

When asked about which rapper he would be intrigued by to make a diss record about him, Tart gives us some names, with Pusha T and Drake to name a few.

"First, I would want to know why any of them would be making a diss record about me," Tart laughs. "I would be cool if Drake made a diss record about me because he cuts deep. I wouldn't want a diss track from Gunna because we're pushing P right now and I want no smoke. Also, I don't know if I want Pusha T to because that might be too much for me to handle."

GRAND CREW -- "Wine & Headlines" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Carl Tart as Sherm, Justin Cunningham as Wyatt -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

The characters in the series tend to overcome big obstacles, even if it takes a whimsical miracle to get the ball rolling. Tart and Jennings share how their respective characters helped them in their real life, with Tart mentioning his character, Sherm, who helped him become more vulnerable.

"Sherm is a hard-shell type of dude and sometimes, I feel that I have that as well," Tart said. "Definitely being more vulnerable in my real life and trusting more is what I took away from my character for sure."

You can definitely trust to have a great laugh with 'Grand Crew,' which airs every Tuesday at 8:30 PM ET on NBC.


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