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Hair Style Look: Hot Trends for 2020

Written By: Patrizia Bertucci @fashion.whispers


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Forget the fashion and hairstyle rules of the past that considered hairpins and hair accessories in general as old-fashioned and reserved for those who had little time to make up for messy and unkempt hair.

In 2020 all hair accessories from bows to hair clips and headbands will be all the rage for glam and chic hairstyles: a real must have. You can indulge in headbands that look like they come straight from the 80s decorated and in vibrant, bright colours and clips completely covered in pearls and rhinestones, the only rule is that they must be flashy and don't go unnoticed!

So it's free to use pearl clips... the most glamorous and chic of the moment, with gold and silver hairpins and clips studded with rhinestones to be used on long or short hair as long as they are used at least in pairs on one side or both sides of the head ...

Yes because hair accessories such as hairbands and clips chic and sparkling fit well both with long romantic hair and short cuts and jaunty: in both cases will help you to change look immediately and effortlessly!! How clever! This will be the year of the pearls in your hair: use them for a chic and collected hairstyle or scatter them in the hair to give light and shine.

If you love the bonton look instead, use large bows to match your outfit maybe to combine them with bags or shoes: what a sassy look!

Yes even to the use of several different accessories at the same time: hair clips and headbands, bows and bows, clips and bows ... free your imagination ... Because nothing is more beautiful than being able to express ourselves and our creativity and why not do it through fashion and hairstyle!!!

Let’s start!


and from Pinterest


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