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Have a Headache? Take a Pill

Nerissa Shea


Are you treating the problem or the symptoms?

We live in a society where there is a pill for everything. We all want a quick fix.

I spoke about this with my mentor a few weeks back and it really stuck with me, so I said, why not write about it?

We, as a species, love a good label. It’s part of human nature. We like to put a label on everything – whether that is ‘tonsillitis’, ‘shin splints’, ‘anxiety’ – physical, mental, emotional.

I AM NOT SAYING WE SHOULDN’T GO TO SEEK HELP – that is actually the opposite to what I am saying. We are very blessed to live in a society that we literally have someone to help us with every aspect of our lives.

Food = Nutritionist

Health = Doctors

Exercise = Personal Trainers

Mental Health = Therapists

The list is endless and with the entire world at our fingertips, you are a google search away from finding someone to help you with anything.

But at some point or another you have to take responsibility for your own life and work hard to achieve the desired outcome. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU!

As someone who got hit with the anxiety mosquito (excuse the Big Mouth reference) a few years back, I was very much tempted by society's quick fix solution.

But instead, I did a lot of HARD GRAFTING to help it.

I did a LOT OF MEDITATING, a LOT OF YOGA, I read books, I journaled the life out of my thoughts and emotions, I trained HARD and it took a LOT OF TIME!

I am NOT saying this to make it sound like 'I am fantastic, look at me'.

I NEED to do all these things regularly to make me feel good. But this all took at least a year of hard graft and self-exploration and I’m still only scratching the surface, but I feel so much better for it!

So what if I had just went to the doctor? Took a pill?

I am not saying people do not need medication. Due to chemical imbalances, etc., some people genuinely do.

All I’m saying is, have you explored all your options? Or do you just want the pill to take it all away? Because then you have to ask – are you getting to the root of the problem or are you just masquerading a symptom? Because the symptoms will come back hard and fast, if that is the case.

Perfect example is Johann Hari's book – Lost Connections.

Have a headache?

Have you considered maybe you are dehydrated?

Maybe your screen time is too high?

Maybe you are stressed?

Before you reach for a box of painkillers, ask yourself – is my body trying to tell me something? Should I listen?

I am a huge advocate for listening to the body and what it is trying to tell us. We are so lucky to have bodies that are complex, magnificent, and incredible. The amount of work that our bodies does every second of everyday to keep us alive is astounding. What the human body is capable of is proof of its magnificence.

However, YOU are the captain of this ship and IF you choose to pump this ship full of bad fuel and not take care of it, how can you expect it to function adequately?

Feed your body with a well-balanced diet, packed full of fruit and vegetables. Exercise and live an active lifestyle! Look after your mind. Reduce your screen time, read a book, get out in nature. MEDITATE.

There is SO much we can do to help our bodies, but in today's society with pills for everything (diet pills and skinny coffee), it is very tempting for us to buy into this.

Quick fixes don’t solve the problem. They might work for a short period of time but the symptoms (whatever they may be) will come back.

I know it is a lot ‘easier’ to live off of takeouts and watch Netflix all day, and maybe you get away with this while you are young, but this kind of lifestyle will always end up coming back to bite you in the bum!




Your body and mind will thank you.

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