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Homemade Almond Butter

Written By Bhavani Swaminathan aakanksha_dfw

According to the Journal of Nutrition and Aging, besides just fiber and folate, almonds have a wide range of nutrients such as vitamin E, a key nutrient that slows down the aging of brain cells that might impact memory. Monosaturated fats, which almond butter has plenty of, are the kind of fat that helps you get rid of the bad cholesterol that builds up on your arteries, known as LDL (low-density lipoprotein). Due to its high fiber content, one of the many amazing almond butter benefits is appetite suppression. Not only is almond butter a delicious and healthy alternative, but according to research, it's also especially good for people with diabetes, as it may help reduce the rise in glucose and insulin levels, according to research.

So why not try almond butter at home, rather than buying it from the store, which is processed and preservatives are used. Let us make healthy and fresh almond butter at home in just 2 minutes. You can refrigerate it for 15-20 days and use it on top of bread, or even for icing the cake.


Almonds: 150gms

Salt : a pinch


Dry roast almonds for 3-4 minutes. Put them in the mixer jar and grind them for 30 seconds. Ground almonds should look like coarse powder. Now add a pinch of salt. Grind it for 30 seconds 3-4 times. You will finally get smooth, creamy, and rich almond butter. This is absolutely hassle-free, which can be made at home easily.


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