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Iggy Azalea Airs Out Playboi Carti & his Alleged Mistress

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @thenewclassic | Photo credit:

It looks like Iggy Azalea spent most of her holiday weekend exposing her child's father, Playboi Carti and the woman she claims he's been cheating on her with. The twitter rant began the evening of Christmas Eve.

It looks like the anger sprung when the Atlanta rapper changed their plans to spend Christmas together as a family; this being their son's first Christmas.

"I would never decide to do something of my own free will that meant missing a milestone moment with my son & if you do you're trash."

- Iggy Azalea (@iggyazalea) December 24,2020

More than likely, the plans changed for Carti due to the release of his new and highly anticipated album Whole Lotta Red (see previous article). Iggy also mentions an album release party that Carti did not fly out Iggy and their son Onyx to come to, but rather had his side chick attend.

She continues with a slue of tweets, basically saying Playboi Carti is trash and his side piece has no dignity. She goes on until about 1 AM Christmas morning and picks back up early afternoon Christmas day:

More tweets are directed toward the alleged side chick, who we now can identify as model Brandi Marion. She goes on to post a video of what appears to be Brandi being kicked out of Carti's home and alleges that she hid in the closet from her house keeper.

She also tweets about how Playboi Carti was in Philadelphia playing the PS5 with Lil Uzi Vert when their child was born, which was a scheduled C-section. Thus, the Aussie rapper had their child alone; due to Covid, Carti was the only approved visitor.

She continues her rant with a picture of her child's birth certificate, saying Carti refuses to sign it. She further discusses this on IG live, which she hopped on after Brandi (alleged side chick) attempted to clear her name on her Instagram story.

She claims to be so upset because she still has love for the "Magnolia" rapper but she's through believing in his attempts to rebuild their family. Carti never addressed any of the accusations publicly but Iggy did share on twitter that she spoke with her child's father and they'll be working things out for the betterment of their son Onyx.

Photo from Instagram @thenewclassic

Don't be fooled though, she makes it clear that this is NOT them getting back together- but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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