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In Five Years - a light, cute book about friendship

- Khushi Arora / @lonevixen_ka

"You mistake love. You think it has to have a future in order to matter, but it doesn't. It's the only thing that doesn't need to become at all. It matters only in so far as it exists. Here. Now. Love doesn't require a future.'"// Rebecca Serle

Dannie Cohan is a Manhattan lawyer who has her entire life planned out in numbers. On the night when she aces her job interview and accepts her boyfriend David's marriage proposal, she sees a vision of herself five years later. Same room, same day, same job. Except, a different man. Although she's pulled back into her life the next day, she's continuously haunted by how real that vision felt. Until, the same man enters her life in 2025 as her best friend Bella's lover, Aaron. And now I'll leave it to you because the rest will include major spoilers!

I loved Dannie as a character. I kinda wanna see myself as her after 10 years lol (although I screamed at her in the end). Her relationship with Bella is adorable. It's really a friendship story, rather than a love story. It's amazing the many ways love can be interpreted. It may not be the best book ever, but I'll always remember the way this book portrayed love. Debatable, but yes, quite intriguing.

It's NOT a love story though, hahaha. I thought I was going in for some 'Me Before You' and 'One Day in December' kinda stuff, but nah homies nah. It's very different, don't let the blurb fool you. It focuses more on Dannie and Bella, rather than Dannie and David/Aaron. So maybe my expectations were the reason why I didn't like it that much.

It's slow, but still feel-good if you approach it as a friendship story. What really made me wanna read it till the end was to see whether Dannie's vision comes to life or not. But on the way, in the second half, it becomes SO SO MUCH MORE. Recommended as a light read.


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