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Is Doja Cat Cancelled Due to Her Racist Insults?

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @dojacat

Doja Cat first appeared on our screens in 2018 when she created a music video that went viral showcasing her unique sound, style, and look.

As she continued making music videos that gained widespread popularity online, this Los Angeles native is no stranger to providing her audience with a bit of controversy that helps spread her name out to the public.

During this past week, it was brought to attention some of Doja Cat's lyrics in an old song she created back in 2015 with the name of Dindu Nuffin.

As this term is used to disparage black victims of police brutality, it was also surfaced that a few lyrics in this song reference Sandra Bland, a black woman who died in police custody also back in 2015.

As Twitter and Instagram did not take these allegations with Doja Cat lightly, Doja released a statement via Instagram addressing the controversy as well as making it clear that the given allegations are "100% incorrect."

As Doja also issued an apology via Instagram, she explained that as she is a black woman, the original song was written in response to people who often "used that term" to hurt her.

Not buying her apology, many fans took to Instagram and Twitter their rage and disappointment with the singer and songwriter. With many comments under her posts that question her race and claim that she is "disrespectful to black people," Doja disabled commenting that addressed these accusations directly.

Following Doja's apology, hashtags were quickly created on Twitter in favor of Cancelling Doja Cat and her once loved music.


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