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Is it Silly to Believe in True Love?

Written by: Wali Barefield

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Speaking as a person who has experience many heartbreaks, I still find myself believing in True Love.

But what is True Love?

The dictionary meaning of True Love is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationship. Some would say that True Love is a miracle while others would say it is a fantasy. So, is it silly to believe in True Love?

It truly depends on what you believe. I believe in Soul Mates. I believe there is someone in the world that we are meant to be with. That Soul Mate will be our True Love. Those that have experience being in love will tell you that it is an incredible feeling. There isn’t another feeling like it in the world. When you are in love nothing else matters. That person becomes your world. Does that make you want to experience True Love for yourself? Yes? No? It is okay to not want to, experiencing True Love is not for everyone.

Some people do not believe in True Love. The thought of loving someone so much, possibly more than you love yourself is scary to them. They are afraid of getting their hearts broken. For others it is distrust. The thought of giving someone their unconditional love frightens them because they fear that the person will betray them. I understand their concerns because as mentioned before, I have experienced my heart being broken. True love is amazing but getting hurt is not a great feeling.

However, that will never stop me. And I’m sure there are others who feel the same way. Before you decide to answer the question, take a moment in your life to experience True Love. You will find that it is better to have loved, then to never have loved before.

So, I ask you again, is it silly to believe in True Love?


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