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Is Social Media Killing Off The Ability To Have Happy Relationships?

Written By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

In today’s over visible society (thanks social media) the pressure is on to obtain and achieve things to portray a certain image. Never has that been truer in terms of relationships.

I saw a quote that said “Un-Happy Couples have the best Family Photos” and thought in today’s world is it more important to “look good” more than it is to “feel good”?

I truly believe most relationships start off genuine, believing that two people have an interest in another person. However, do the lines get smeared when social media comes into play? Just how important is sharing on social media in a relationship before it becomes “too much”?

According to Huffpost under an article titled “ Social Media’s Impact on Self-Esteem” Natalia Lusinski, Sex, Dating, and Relationships writer for Bustle, says “I feel couples forget how to talk in real life, with all the texting and social media-updating that they do. They seem to know everything about each other and each other’s days already, so they don’t feel the need to talk much in person.”

Oversharing then seems to be a norm, with thoughts, feelings, and experiences being posted throughout the day could leave the “meat and potatoes” out of a relationship. Leaving only superficial things instead, of feelings that can be shared with each other which could build a bond.

Has the lines been blurred of what is scared territory and what isn’t? And, if so what then is the line between an “app” and real life?

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