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Is That Food?

Do you really watch what you eat? Paying attention is about to change. The definition of food is any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth. Knowing this, changes everything. It should make you wonder if you’re really eating food. Is that Bacon Egg and Cheese a nutritious substance or simply a space filler in your gut for a few hours? Are those fries maintaining life and growth? Changing how we see food, changes how we eat and our overall health.

Here are three questions to ask yourself for kicking bad eating habits and starving cravings:

Is this Food?

Before you eat or drink any product, ask if it's food. Is it a nutritious substance that people eat or drink or absorb in order to maintain life and growth?

If the answer is no, you should probably drop it and run in the opposite direction. One rule of thumb is: just don’t buy it. If it's not in your fridge or pantry or tucked away in your secret stash at the office, you are more likely not to consume it. You also need to practice the power of saying no! We all have a home-girl (or homie) who is fully equipped with treats and snacks. Saying no is liberating even when it means refusing that sparkly-sprinkled strawberry donut.

Why Am I Eating?

Many of us deal with eating-for-no-reason. It’s when you eat for absolutely no reason. You may get a whiff of your neighbor’s food or walk pass a restaurant that smells as if it sprayed fried chicken air freshener. Then we find ourselves being lured into the local chicken spot or being seated for a party of one. On another note, you may be an anxious, angry, or happy eater. Either way, it's important to understand why you’re eating. If it isn’t because of the need for fuel, energy, or genuine hunger find an alternative method in dealing with or expressing your thoughts and/or emotions.

This is also true for cravings. A craving isn’t necessarily a sign of hunger. Your taste buds are possibly demanding and desiring what your gut doesn’t require, want, or even need. And on many occasions, your body is telling you something more than just grabbing an unhealthy eating choice. This is why getting to know your body is so vital.

Will I Regret This?

Think about how you will feel after eating that greasy sandwich, way too sweet dessert or salty bag of chips. Think about how your stomach will bulge and how sluggish you will feel. Consider whether or not you will regret the decision you are about to make.

Overall, your body will become what you eat. Prevention is so much better than intervention or reaction. Take this thought and ponder it for a while: our bodies are made from the Earth. Most of the elements from the planet exist in our bodies; reason being – we were created to feed off of the it. The Earth is supposed to replenish us. So, the next time you eat a thing make sure it’s actually food.


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