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It's Julissa Bermudez...And She's Spilling All the Tea On Her New Show 'It's Me, Julissa'

If you don't know who Julissa Bermudez is, you'll soon find out as Cleo TV and Kin Community has ordered a 16-episode series centered around the entertainment correspondent called It's Me, Julissa. The original lifestyle show will follow the former Central Ave into her life and business endeavors. Bermudez has spent years in the limelight, corresponding and helping celebrities tell their story. Now, it's her time to be an open book.

While the series has already hit other digital platforms, you can catch the show every Friday at 9:30p.m. EST/8:30C. This is the second series, along with Tia Mowry's Quick Fix, to air on Cleo TV through their Kin x TV One Licensing Partnership.

Michelle Rice, President of TV One and CLEO TV, said “CLEO TV really leans into amplifying new voices in the lifestyle and entertainment space, especially for women of color." Rice continued, saying "It’s Me, Julissa perfectly aligns with our mission and also meets the needs of our audience who expect content that is relatable, informative and entertaining.”

Your Voice Media correspondent Ty Cole spoke to the actress, asking her about the misconceptions fans may have thought about her over the years and if she'll provide answers. The Hunters star said while she "isn't aware of misconceptions" and my have to ask her fans, she does want to clear up a few dating rumors with some stars she was linked to in the past.

You can watch the interview below and make sure to watch It's Me, Julissa every Friday at 9:30p.m. EST/8:30C on Cleo TV.


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