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'Johnson' Star Thomas Q. Jones On Show's Impact: Black Men Will Connect To Each Character

Many shows tend to center around four diverse women and showing the dynamics of womanhood, love, relationships, and progression, but now it's time for the men to get the same treatment.

Bounce TV has ordered a new series called 'Johnson,' which follows four Black men who have best friends since grade school and all share the same last name...Johnson. After growing a solid brotherhood for 25 years, they begin to see life from different perspectives as they confront controversial social issues from the Black Man's perspective, ranging from love, marriage, business, politics, and religion.

The show stars former NFL veteran turned actor Thomas Q. Jones, Phillip Smithey, Derrex Brady, and the series creator and writer Deji Laray with comedians D.L. Hughley and Earthquake starring in a supporting character. Cedric The Entertainer is also attached to the series as an executive producer.

Your Voice Magazine correspondent Ty Cole spoke to the cast about the show and the gap it fills on today's television, especially in regards to Black representation.

Thomas Q. Jones as Omar in 'Johnson' - BounceTV

"There is a desperate need of imbalance when it comes to Black men and how we are represented. All four men are so different including their energies - everyone who watches this, whether you are a Black man or not, will be able to connect to each character," says Jones. Jones continues, saying "You may not agree with each characters' decisions or choices, but their intentions are good and hopefully that's what the audience will walk away with."

Watch the full interview and trailer below and make sure to watch the series premiere of 'Johnson,' airing Sunday, August 1st with two back-to-back episodes at 8 pm EST on Bounce.


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